Dave, as most of his friends called him, was born David A. Hunt, on Thursday, December 9, 1982 at 6:28 o’clock in the morning in Saint Francis Medical Center, Trenton, New Jersey. He came into this world weighing in 7 lbs. 13 ozs and was 20.5 inches long. His proud parents were Arthur W. and Katherine Hunt. His Paternal grandparents, Harry and Alice Hunt, welcomed their first grandson into this world. He was also welcomed by his maternal grandparents Michael and Gelsomina (Minnie) Domiano. Since both David’s parents had to work he was so lucky that he had his grandparents to help out and raise him Grandpop and Grandmom Domiano watched David Monday through Thursday and then on Fridays Grandmom and Grandpop Hunt took him under their wings.

David stayed the only child until July 13, 1985 when he and his parents welcomed his baby brother, Jonathan Matthew Hunt into this world. It became pretty hectic with our schedules so David was enrolled in nursery school at the Jewish Community center in Ewing and continued on there through his kindergarten grade.

We lived in the Villa Park section of Trenton until it was time for David and Jonathan to start grade school. We were lucky to find a beautiful rancher in Hamilton Township near Morgan Elementary School, in Mercerville, New Jersey and we still live in this house today. David was then enrolled into the first grade at Morgan and went there until the fifth grade. His school days at Morgan left many memories and dear friends, Paul Bencivengo, David Kerwick, Steven Applegate and Bryan Verdi. His next three years took him into Reynolds Middle School taking those friendships with him and making more friends.

From the age of seven David loved playing soccer and he became an intricate part of the newly formed Hamilton Spirit Soccer Club, coached by Harry Neil. We all became a family and from that point on the friendship of just one soccer player, Bryan McCranor, stayed with David forever. As they advanced to other clubs David then went on to play and also be an intricate part of the Avalanche Soccer Club coached by Paul Tessein. As David went on playing with these competitive traveling teams it prepared him for high school soccer, and these two coaches became his mentors and left him a lifetime of experience.

Soccer became one of David’s obsessions, playing both recreation leagues as well as on his two competitive teams; he also made sure baseball was part of his life. Running from the soccer fields to the baseball fields or vise versa, changing his uniforms in the van, as most of David’s friends called it our “Party Van”, into his next event we were heading to. He played for the Hamilton Little Lads, first playing in the minor league, continuing on junior (age 7-9) league, and then on to the major (age 10-12) league. He also played two years on the Nottingham Babe Ruth League.

At the age of 16 it was time between going to school and playing soccer that he needed to get a job as most kids did. He went to the local Eckerd Drug store where he started as a cashier than went on to a pharmacist tech, working for Ms. Mary St Amour. Mary then transferred and the pharmacist became Mrs. Jill Brzezynski. For seven years Jill not only was his boss but had become his best friend and also his mentor. There was nothing that David could not talk to Jill about nor face the next day without checking in with Jill about. I can still hear him saying to his Dad and I that, "Jill’s going to kill him when she found out what he did", whatever it was? She became a very important person in his life and she’s remarked many times to us that with having David a part of her life that she was given a son that she never had and that she was blessed that he had become part of her family. When David passed away Jill established "The David A. Hunt Memorial Fund" in his memory.

As his senior high school years came the district was split and directed him to attend Nottingham High School leaving behind his many friends but with many many more memories. He made many more friends while in high school and became best buddies with Erin, Austin and Lori. Also there were many girls that David was smitten by, Johanna, and Jamie just to name a few. Also Bryan remained his friend through high school. While at Nottingham High he played four years on the varsity soccer team and graduated in the year 2001.

David was then accepted to Cook College, Rutgers University and discovered his new life of dorm living in Perry Hall. He decided then that he was not going to continue going there that he could not decide what he wanted to do with his life, so he came back and went two years to Mercer County Community College getting an Associates Degree. Once he accomplished this he decided to apply at Rider University where at this time Jonathan was enrolled. He went on from his junior year to his senior year and had reached the goal he prayed for all his life, a degree in elementary education and a degree in psychology. His student teaching was to begin in January 2006 at Morgan Elementary along with his fourth grade teacher’s class, Mrs. Leslie DiPaola.

As most college kids’ spring and fall breaks are a must in a young one’s life and David made sure it was part of his schedule. Spring break 2002 David and Austin decided to go to Florida and made up t-shirts, “Spring Break” on the front of the shirt and on the back, “But were not a couple!” While they were in Disney World they met up with his cousin Jessica and her girlfriend Jennifer Matthews. Well, from that moment on Jen became part of David’s life. Jen was attending TCNJ as David was going to Rider. They were like most couples, one minute they were on and the next they were off, we use to tease them it’s like a light bulb. As David approached his senior year at Rider be had told us that they broke it off again and wanted it this way, this was going to be his final year at college, he was working the two jobs and wanted to be with his friends and felt it wasn’t fair to Jen to continue on. Soon after his passing Jen had shown us an email that David sent her making closure to their relationship and how he felt at the time. What I would like to say is that in our hearts we knew David loved Jen we know that how hard life is going to be for her without him being a part of her life ever again and she will continue to have him be part of her heart.

I would like also tell you all about the second job that David had. His father was working on a family’s house and overheard a conversation that they had a company, National Micro Rentals (they rent computer equipment) and needing another tech/installer/driver position? As he explain to them if at all possible could his son David come by and speak to them about acquiring this position. We all knew this job brought all memories to David. He found himself almost every weekend in NYC, setting up the equipment at the Javitz Center and throughout the city of New York. One weekend they had a book fair and he received many signatures that weekend meeting their authors, one book he was so proud of was a children’s book by Dana Reeves, Christopher Reeves wife, and we all know right after that she lost her life to cancer. We also saw the photos taken with his favorite Sponge Bob and Patrick. Also he met Kim Cattrall from the hit show “Sex and the City”, Jack Klugman, from the Odd Couple and John Lithgow just to name a few. Also we know the one person that David loved the most was doing the food network display and meeting as he said, “the Love of His life” Rachel Ray. After that meeting the food network and her show became one of his favorite conversations with his Grandmom Domiano. Everyone knew how much he loved the picture that she signed for him that we knew it had to be with his for eternity. He also ordered an EVOO t-shirt, which came in the mail the day we buried David. We gave the t-shirt to Grandmom telling her that David would want her to have it. This job also took him to New Orleans twice, flying with the equipment, setting it up, and enjoying the city while he was there. We all still can remember the impact it had on him when he saw how everything there was washed away with the floods. That morning of November 11, 2005 was a trip to Atlantic City Convention Center that he knew he had to do, first to set the computer equipment display up and then on to the teachers convention to meet the teachers from Morgan Elementary School. What neither David nor any of us would have ever known this would be the last thing he would be doing on this earth and that his life’s journey here on earth was over. After the accident we were told someone else was supposed to have gone with David that morning and plans were changed but we know in our hearts that this was David’s journey alone.

During his time attending Rider he was working two jobs and decided to move out and live with 4 of his best friends, Bryan, Kyle, Dan and Dan. There were many good times that they all shared with David and I am sure that each and every life that David touched had some kind of impact in their life.

Then something unexpected happened, there was an engineer whom was in my group at work who was selling his condo, so I went home and asked Art if we could look into purchasing it for David, something small but it would be his once he graduated and then all the bills would be his concern. He did spend at least 4 months enjoying his condo, just getting the right furniture and accessories. He loved living there and we all enjoyed seeing him happy.

And we all know what happened after that. On that that day at 6:30am, November 11, 2005, Veterans Day, God had other plans for David. From that day all our lives have changed and we will never be the same as we were.

We would like to thank each and every one of you for the continued support, prayers, love that you have shown and given to Art, Jonathan and myself.

Explore the “In Memoriam” part of this site and see all that has been established in his memory so that his life may live on for years to come.

As you view this memory site that has been established in his memory that you enjoy remembering his life with us and the impact he left on our lives in his short 22 years her on earth…….

Kathy, Art and Jonathan Hunt